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‘An American Pickle’ review: quirky Seth Rogen comedy mixes sweet with sour

Salty gags neutralise a sentimental story in this carefully balanced film

‘Young Ahmed’ review: award-winning jihadist story blends social realism with artful melodrama

Newcomer Idir Ben Addi plays a Muslim teenager who is seduced by radical ideas

‘Perfect 10’ review: struggling teens seek solace on the South Coast

A socially realist drama in the mould of Andrea Arnold's 'Fish Tank'

‘Make Up’ review: a masterful, unsettling and beautifully constructed gem

This coming-of-age psychological horror is all about inner turmoil, spliced with sudden jolts of sexual imagery

‘Proxima’ review: an impressively crafted space-drama about female sacrifice

If its leading woman could succeed without shame, the Eva Green-led film's lasting message would be even more empowering

‘Summerland’ review: gorgeous and engaging, despite its twee soft-focus

'Summerland' manages to make something rather special out of an otherwise pedestrian screenplay

‘The Vigil’ review: reality-blurring horror that tests faith and exploits our fears

Determining what is real or imagined is often a challenge in horror and filmmaker Keith Thomas is adroit at manipulating this

‘Unhinged’ review: a vicious and trashy road-rage thriller best enjoyed for what it is

Russell Crowe action flick has no deep meaning, it's just tense, fast entertainment that doesn’t outstay its welcome for a lean 93 minutes

‘Saint Frances’ review: a must-watch indie gem from one of Hollywood’s brightest new talents

Writer-star Kelly O'Sullivan has crafted 2020's best coming of age drama