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‘To The Stars’ review: queer coming-of-age drama serves up clichés before knocking them flat

When a reckless new girl drives into town, loner Iris discovers a different part of her personality

‘The High Note’ review: glossy music industry comedy is the film equivalent of easy-listening

Dakota Johnson and Tracee Ellis Ross fight for their right to be heard, backed by an impeccable soul soundtrack

‘I’m No Longer Here’ review: identity, friendship and youthful passion make up this affecting drama out of Mexico

When he gets mixed up in gang violence, Ulises must flee his village for New York City

‘The County’ review: local grit and guts match mob rule in Icelandic rural drama

Grímur Hákonarson's tough new film sees a widowed farmer take on the mafia

‘A Rainy Day In New York’ review: a damp end to Woody Allen’s Hollywood career

If this is the once-celebrated auteur's final movie, it's not how anyone would wish to go out

‘The Lovebirds’ review: riotous buddy comedy is the perfect tonic for struggling lockdown couples

A grumpy duo must re-evaluate their relationship while on the run from the cops

‘Only The Animals’ review: brooding, dread-filled mystery hides a deep, dark secret

French director Dominik Moll makes use of multiple character perspectives to spin a twisting tale of murder and intrigue

‘Jihad Jane’ review: lies, deceit and murder in a tale of terrorist seduction

How a classic holiday hookup led Colleen LaRose to a life behind bars