Film Reviews

‘Cadaver’ review: Scandi-horror’s body count outnumbers the actual scares

Director Jarand Herdal tries to tell a unique story but forgets to pack in any frights

‘Summer of 85’ review: enchanting, nostalgia-packed tragedy full of jumbled emotions

Told via flashbacks, François Ozon’s queer romance is both tender and intense

‘On The Rocks’ review: screwball comedy, freewheeling chaos and a perfectly on-form Bill Murray

A fabulous father-daughter team played by Murray and Rashida Jones make Sofia Coppola’s chattiest ever film extremely fun company

‘Pixie’ review: convoluted Irish crime caper that’s saved by its star

Olivia Cooke shines in the title role, but moments of dated lad humour fall flat

‘Bruce Springsteen’s Letter To You’ film review: grief-stricken contemplation on the fragility of life

The Boss looks back at a career that's been filled with huge highs and devastating lows

‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ review: how the controversial Kazakh journalist got woke

Sacha Baron Cohen's firecracker alter-ego returns for another trip to America

‘Possessor’ review: Brandon Cronenberg’s brutal slice of Orwellian body horror

If you don't want to see weeping bone marrow, then look away now

‘Herself’ review: Clare Dunne shines in an urgent drama about domestic violence

The little-known Irish actress puts in a stunning performance as a young mother who escapes her abusive husband

‘I Am Greta’ review: an inside look at one girl’s fight to save the world

This is what it's really like to have the planet's future resting on your shoulders