Film Reviews

‘All In: The Fight For Democracy’ review: lifting the lid on America’s murky electoral past

Black Americans have long had their voting rights suppressed – this Amazon Prime Video documentary explains how

‘White Riot’ review: passion, protest and punk politics on the front lines

Rubika Shah's thrilling documentary tells the story of Rock Against Racism – an anti-fascist, DIY movement in the late '70s

‘Summerland’ review: quirky festival romance at a Gen-Z Burning Man

Sweet and charming, this fun road trip movie will take you back to your first tent-based experience

‘Bill & Ted Face The Music’ review: self-aware slacker-comedy revival is the nonsense we need

Not seen on screens since 1991, the symbiotic pair return to save humanity (and COVID-hit cinema box offices)

‘Rocks’ review: an exuberant teenage story about decidedly grown-up issues

With such a bleak starting point, it may seem strange to call 'Rocks' a joyful story. And yet, often joyful is exactly what this film is

‘The Devil All The Time’ review: one of the most miserable films you’ll ever see

Two and a half hours of unrelenting sadness, anxiety and distress – but impossible to stop watching

‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen’ review: ‘Scream’ meets ‘Home Alone’ in raucous comedy horror sequel

More of the same for fans of director McG's blood-spattered, satanic hi-jinks

‘Cuties’ review: thoughtful coming-of-age drama caught up in controversy

Maïmouna Doucouré's searing critique of premature sexualisation

‘Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band’ review: a folk-rock family falls apart

This gripping documentary charts the rise and fall of music's most anonymous trailblazers

‘Solitary’ review: claustrophobic sci-fi thriller sends prisoners into space

When convicted criminal Isaac wakes up in a small metal box in space, he discovers his future has changed forever...