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‘Feel The Beat’ review: harmless, feelgood fluff for fans of ‘Step Up’

Netflix adds another teen drama that you'll forget as soon as the credits roll

‘Back Roads’ review: ‘Stormbreaker’ star Alex Pettyfer stretches new muscles with promising directorial debut

The former model helms an atmospheric, if not entirely convincing, drama that's filled with family secrets

‘7500’ review: Joseph Gordon-Levitt returns in a Spielbergian hijacking thriller

Cinema's most likable everyman is back with his first film in three years

‘You Don’t Nomi’ review: the box office bomb even more calamitous than ‘Cats’

'Showgirls' is one of the biggest flops of all time, but this riotous new doc says we've all missed a trick

‘The King Of Staten Island’ review: Pete Davidson bares his soul in a raw comedy inspired by childhood loss

Judd Apatow teams up with the SNL star to turn real-life trauma into cinematic gold

‘Da 5 Bloods’ review: Spike Lee’s timely Vietnam War thriller digs into the past to examine the present

As anti-racism protests continue, the firebrand filmmaker returns with one of his best ever movies

‘Days of the Bagnold Summer’ review: an intimate portrait of parenthood from Simon Bird

The first-time director spins a bittersweet tale of family strife

‘Hooking Up’ review: lightweight sex comedy is a middle-of-the-road snooze-fest

Subpar writing and a confusing plot lead this road trip romcom astray

‘Banana Split’ review: heartwarming Gen Z romcom for fans of ‘Booksmart’

Writer-star Hannah Marks penned this charming indie about a high school love triangle when she was just 19

‘The Last Days Of American Crime’ review: ultraviolent comic book joyride screeches off the page

Inspired by 'Joker' and influenced by 'John Wick', this Netflix action romp turns everything up to 11