‘So My Grandma’s A Lesbian’ review: outdated and out of ideas

Ángeles Reiné’s Spanish romance pokes fun at LGBTQ issues, rather than shining a light on them

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    If the title of Ángeles Reiné’s family comedy puts you off, the film that follows won’t do very much to change your mind.

    So My Grandma’s A Lesbian begins in a panic, as Spanish lawyer Eva realises her forthcoming marriage to a wealthy Scottish heir could be in danger. His family is extremely conservative, and might not approve of her grandma – a lesbian who has suddenly decided to tie the knot with her girlfriend. So Eva travels home and tries to convince granny to call the nuptials off. She blames it on small-town mentalities, but eventually sees the errors of her ways.

    So My Grandma's A Lesbian
    Credit: Netflix

    It’s all fairly predictable, which can be forgiven when the story has any kind of wit or charisma, but Reiné’s delivery feels outdated and flat. Characters come and go without registering – and a rotation of cringeworthy songs distract from whatever romantic chemistry is supposed to be on display. Little screen time is actually given to the loved-up couples. Instead, the film prefers to poke fun at their situation, rather than tackle the injustice occurring. Those who are uncomfortable with same-sex marriages, because it disobeys the Church, are lightly mocked, but not to any great degree.

    While LGBTQ+ stories often lack levity – doom and gloom needn’t dominate stories about love and identity – the kooky tone in a movie about narrow-minded communities trying to stop two women from getting married feels out of touch. In one scene, a character announces that it’s the 21st century, and this kind of discrimination shouldn’t be happening anymore. A serious point completely missed by the film it is made in.


    • Director: Ángeles Reiné
    • Starring: Rosa Maria Sardà, Verónica Forqué, Ingrid García Jonsson
    • Release date: January 22 (only on Netflix)

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