Game Reviews

‘The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope’ review: a barely interactive horror film

More akin to watching a documentary about witches than playing a fully realised video game

‘Carto’ review: a map-making puzzler where whimsy turns finicky

Lovely map-shifting mechanics makes this cute puzzler worth a look, but isn’t compelling enough to make you stay

‘Ghostrunner’ review: a deadly cyberpunk first-person slasher that tests your patience

Ninja parkour gets too slippery to control as you bring a katana to a gunfight

‘Pikmin 3 Deluxe’ review: navigating ecological disaster has never been this cute

Nintendo’s terrific take on real-time strategy is just as magnificent on the Switch

‘Tenderfoot Tactics’ review: a solid tactical combat game with an absolutely enchanting overworld

Traverse a beautiful, abstract archipelago while beating back the Fog

Oculus Quest 2 review: a powerful, affordable entry point for the VR-curious

Oculus delivers a fully-featured VR package that should be the go-to headset, as long as you can look past a few queasy caveats

‘Pumpkin Jack’ review: a spooktacular platforming delight that might save your Halloween

‘MediEvil’ mixed in a blender with ‘Fable’ and a pumpkin spice latte

‘Amnesia: Rebirth’ review: an opulent horror sequel that continually reverberates within the mind

Atmospheric survival horror that channels the mind-bending ‘SOMA’ as much as it does the original ‘Amnesia’

‘HoloVista’ review: an intoxicating journey to another world

Stunning colours and a touching story make for a sublime experience

‘Vigil: The Longest Night’ review: an extraordinary 2D action RPG full of mystery and horror

Despite its technical faults, it’s still an incredible debut from Taiwanese studio Glass Heart Games