‘HoloVista’ review: an intoxicating journey to another world

Stunning colours and a touching story make for a sublime experience

Colour in games is something that can often end up a little bit washed out in favour of a more realistic look. We have the ability to create mind-altering colour schemes, yet we tend to favour turning the saturation down instead in favour of a “dark and gritty” look.

Because of this, whenever a game strays away from the dark and monochrome palette and turns to a world of bright lights and beautiful colours, it’s always going to stand out. It’s easy to get lost in an image that’s so full of this visual joy, that you’ll be naturally drawn towards it no matter what.

Honestly, if visual style was the only thing HoloVista had going for it, I might still be prone to recommending it. The game is unlike anything you’ve ever seen; it’s otherworldly, it’s euphoric, it’s like a total treat for your eyes. Sure, normal colours are good, but it’s hard to go back to anything else once you’ve feasted your eyes on this.

Thankfully, that’s not all HoloVista has going for it.


Holovista. Credit: Aconite

Instead, you get a game that’s an incredible take on mixed reality storytelling. One that places you in the shoes of a Carmen, a junior architect who’s just been hired to an elusive firm. Your role is to go and take photos of an incredible mansion, but it turns out that if you stare into the brightly-coloured abyss then it’s going to stare right back at you.

The actual gameplay itself has you using your phone to look around this peculiar place. As you do so, you get to post the images to your social accounts, chat to other characters, and just generally exist in this world. You’re usually searching for specific items as you look around, along with solving the odd puzzle now and then.

Although HoloVista can be finished in a couple of hours, you’ll find yourself contemplating it for weeks to come after completing it. Not only is it beautiful visually, but emotionally too. And since experiencing the game takes so little time, you’ll likely end up coming back to it again and again.

‘HoloVista’ is out now for iOS.

Our Verdict

HoloVista is a sublime game that tells an emotive and moving story without straying into the crass or oversold. It’s also beautiful both to behold and play, and I thoroughly recommend you dive into it as soon as you get the chance.


  • Stunningly beautiful
  • Emotionally moving


  • Too short for some people

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