Game Reviews

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The more things stay the same, the more they stay the same

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Embr is damning statement on the everyday horrors of capitalism but as a game, it's a damp squib

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Kojima’s divisive delivery simulator feels fitter, happier and more productive on PS5

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A vault you won't fall out with

‘Sonic Colors: Ultimate’ review: sometimes delightful, sometimes infuriating

Far from ultimate and really rather clumsy at times

‘Aragami 2’ review: a very different shadow warrior emerges from the darkness

Aragami 2's better stealth mechanics can't hide that something's missing in this shinobi sequel

‘Eastward’ review: an artful ode to classic JRPGs that doesn’t know when to stop talking

Nostalgia, beauty and clever design struggle against an overwritten script

‘WarioWare: Get It Together!’ review: a welcome return with a so-so character quirk

In 'WarioWare: Get It Together', manic microgames still delight but lack the anarchic spark of past entries