Jayda G gets Glastonbury’s Wow stage going with a soulful Thursday-night party

The Canadian producer and DJ's dance-heavy set was the perfect excuse for Glastonbury to get their rave on

Jayda G is rightfully renowned as one of the best selectors DJ–ing at the moment, and her Glastonbury set at the WOW stage was proof of her prowess as a DJ – and a dancer. 

Faced with a crowd that’s gagging for a Thursday-night party, the Canadian-born, Berlin-based DJ is bursting with energy, dancing along to every song. The environmental toxicologist-turned-producer even finds time during a remixed version of Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’ to leave the decks and dance. And she’s got some moves, Vogueing her way through the track, getting the crowd going even more.

Her winning DJ set sees her run through the gamut of what she’s known for: rare soul, disco and funk tunes, and house. As the crowd jostle for territory, Jayda subtly and seamlessly flows through genres to show off her impressive repertoire, dropping in odes to her influences as a producer in the form of old-school Chicago and Detroit house.


To close, she plays one of the hardest and best tracks of the night: ‘Think Twice’ by The Detroit Experiment. A saxophone-heavy tune with a banging solo, the crowd is entranced. A great way to start a four-day Glastonbury party.