Jayda G – ‘Significant Changes’ review

A joyous and unique blend of Canadian producer Jayda G's academic passions and stone-cold dance bangers, this is a record filled with heart and wisdom

Jayda G’s debut album, ‘Significant Changes’, is going to save lives. It might not be yours, mine, or perhaps even Jayda’s own – but those of the wondrous array of creatures and specimens we share this planet with. On the spacious, string-laden ‘Missy Knows Whats Up’, there’s a controlled spoken sample from Misty MacDuffee, a biologist with the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, who recently won a court case against the Canadian government for its policies against killer whales.

It’s moments such as this that make ‘Significant Changes’ such an enticing listen, as the Canadian producer combines her skill for writing club bangers with her studies in the Biology field. Look no further then the overtly titled ‘Orca’s Reprise’, during which Orca songs weave effortlessly with lush instrumentation, where proof of the skills and passion are on show.

Obviously, it’s not homework – the primary purpose behind ‘Significant Changes’ is that of cultural discovery and community. The cheeky ‘Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking On The DF)’, for instance, is a riposte to phone obsessives who choose scrolling over grooving – “Haters I see you, on your phone, looking at Instagram / You on the dancefloor baby!” Two other choice cuts, ‘Leave Room 2 Breath’ and ‘Sunshine In The Valley’, also offer paeans to the dancefloor; propulsive basslines, understated but hypnotic beats and collaborator Alex Dash’s soaring vocals act will no doubt make their way into plenty of DJ sets this summer.

‘Significant Changes’ is at once both ludicrously fun and inquisitive, knowing exactly when to fuse Jayda G’s learnings and passions into music that’s, quite clearly, full of heart and wisdom.

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