Dream Wife live in London: the trio debut fun, dangerous and supremely catchy new tunes

London, Peckham Audio, January 23, 2020

Back in August of 2019, Dream Wife revealed that they’d finished writing their second album. Their 2018 debut ‘Dream Wife’ was a righteous, stomping punk album that prioritised social justice and no-holds-barred fun in equal measure, so thoughts of a follow-up have never been far from our minds.

At tonight’s show, a last-minute free fan event at South London’s new Peckham Audio venue, they present the first glimpse at a second album that’s every bit as intoxicating as you’d imagine. Easing themselves in with a rendition of oldie ‘Hey Heartbreaker’, which serves as an immediate reminder of their power and charm, the trio then offer up a host of new songs that build on the brilliant foundations of their debut.

Dream Wife
Dream Wife live at Peckham Audio, London. Credit: Neelam Khan Vela.

First up is ‘So When You Gonna Kiss Me’, which sees vocalist Rakel Mjöll on deliciously cutting form. “I guess I have to spell it out for you then,” she quips over upbeat, direct punk, cutting right to the chase. “When. Are. You. Gonna. Kiss. Me?!” You’re immediately in the palm of her hand. “Too bad they were a bad kisser,” she cackles at its conclusion.

‘Hasta La Vista’ also sees winking humour at the fore, yet it’s still abundantly clear that Dream Wife aren’t gonna take any of your shit. “How many ways to say goodbye?” Mjöll muses, trading her trademark shout for a near-choral croon. “Hasta la vista baby… ciao!

Dream Wife
Dream Wife live at Peckham Audio, London. Credit: Neelam Khan Vela.

In amongst ‘Somebody’ and F.U.U.’, which go to show just how strong this band’s community vibe is as lyrics are yelled back at them with fervour, comes new single ‘Sports!’, the night’s blistering highlight.

An opening demand of “Fuck sorry, fuck please, will you kindly start again?” leads the band into what already sounds like an undeniable hit. The spiritual successor to Swedish punks Viagra Boys’ song of the same name, ‘Sports!’ is everything that’s great about Dream Wife – they’re sarcastic, bullish and unapologetic – taken to the next level.

Dream Wife
Dream Wife live at Peckham Audio, London. Credit: Neelam Khan Vela.

Put your money where your mouth is… don’t choke!” Mjöll quips in the urgent, upbeat chorus. Simultaneously funny and dangerous, these dual qualities rule the night, with a conga line led by Bella Podpadec replaced seconds later by a moshpit as Mjöll repeatedly says she’ll “fuck you up.” Intense. But as Mjöll says after ‘Sports!; “Rock’n’roll is an extreme sport”. There’s no denying that we’ve had one hell of a workout.

Dream Wife played:

‘Hey Heartbreaker’
‘So When You Gonna Kiss Me’
‘Hasta La Vista’
‘Cheap Thrills’
‘Let’s Make Out’