Haim at Glastonbury 2022: a victory lap worth the wait

The band of sisters demonstrate just how much they love Glasto in a slick, career-spanning set

Haim’s 2020 Glastonbury Festival performance was meant to be a victory lap. Scheduled the same weekend the band released their critically acclaimed third album ‘Women in Music Pt. III’, COVID-19 cancellations put paid to any celebrations at Worthy Farm.

While they made a stellar appearance at last year’s live-stream event Glastonbury Festival Presents Live at Worthy Farm 2021, the band’s 2022 primetime Saturday afternoon slot on the Pyramid has been long-awaited. As youngest sister Alana Haim tells the audience early on: “I cannot believe we’re here!…last year we were lucky enough to do the livestream, it was fun; but this is a bit fucking better!”

They’re not wrong – from the moment the band hit the stage (one by one, as they gradually build up the band during ‘Now I’m In It’) they bring a slice of sunshine to the Pyramid. Blitzing through a slick, career-spanning set, the band of sisters demonstrate just how much they love Glastonbury, their joy to be back at Worthy Farm genuine.


Credit: Phoebe Fox for NME

Before ‘3 AM’, Este takes centre stage with an extended introduction that begins with an honest story about the band’s first Glastonbury experience (which saw her pass out due to her type 1 diabetes) and ends with a skit hooked around a one-night-stand booty calling her live on stage. The final conclusion drawn before the band launch into the funk-laden tune is that Este will find somebody new on her Glasto night out this evening, potentially at the Rabbit Hole. As the track unravels the eldest sister hops into the crowd, serenading the front row while belting out the earworm chorus in a peak Glasto moment.

Haim also celebrate their history in the UK. “We’re gonna bring it way, way, way back, to our very first EP,” they announce before ‘Forever’, explaining that the song was a hit here before it was in the States, resulting in them getting signed in the UK. First released almost a decade ago, the fizzy cut of pop-rock sits snugly among more recent tracks in the setlist that cherry-picks from the band’s back catalogue.

Credit: Phoebe Fox for NME

Finishing with a one-two punch of ‘The Wire’ and ‘The Steps’, the band amp up the crowd, egging them to belt out the final chorus louder and louder. “I fucking love you Glastonbury, we’ll see you next time,” they say before disappearing off stage. We don’t doubt that they’ll be back, even bigger and better than ever.

Haim played:

‘Now I’m In It’
‘Don’t Save Me’
‘My Song 5’
‘Want You Back’
‘3 AM’
‘Don’t Wanna’
‘Summer Girl’
‘The Wire’
‘The Steps’

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