Live review: Blood Red Shoes

Electric Circus, Edinburgh Monday, March 8

Recently there was a documentary on Channel 4 called [i]Wild Child[/i], about kids who were brought up by dogs in Russia. It was an incredibly saddening account of human depravity at its most extreme. But you have to wonder, after seeing Steven Ansell bark at his mic tonight, if the producers really needed to spunk their cash on a trip to Nowhereovnik when a dude from Brighton would suffice: he is positively feral. We give him one more album before he’s dry-humping the fuck out of your leg. Anyway, to tonight’s gig…

It’s not often you see a band who excel in energised grunge-rock soundtrack a ’30s musical. Yet tonight as the duo blitz through tracks from the excellent new album ‘Fire Like This’ and the good stuff from the debut, [i]The Wizard Of Oz[/i] plays on a massive screen behind them. It’s a rather unsettling concoction of sound and vision: when the band play the yell-some [b]‘Light It Up’[/b] the scarecrow gets torn limb from limb by flying monkeys. Luckily the songs are good enough to distract from the horrors on screen. [b]‘It’s Getting Boring By The Sea’[/b] is larger than before, with Laura-Mary Carter’s guitar sounding like a force-10 gale directed straight at the cranium, while [b]‘I Wish I Was Someone Better’[/b] thunders from head to toe. Of the newbies, [b]‘Count Me Out’[/b] is like a petulant child demanding attention over the noise of a broken washing machine, and [b]‘When We Wake’[/b] melts the heart like a suppository – it’s not romantic, it’s raw. Towards the end a fan shags one of the monitors during new single [b]‘Don’t Ask’[/b]. Nobody bats an eyelid. This is what BRS do to normal people: stimulate them to shove their dick into a highly dangerous electric object for pure thrills. Bestially brilliant.

[b]Jamie Crossan[/b]