Does It Offend You, Yeah? 333 London, Friday November 30

Does It Offend You, Yeah? 333 London, Friday November 30

Can it make fashionistas dance, yeah?

It’s just after half one in the morning in a vampiric underground club in Shoreditch, and Does It Offend You, Yeah? are laying down their challenge. “I was watching Diagnosis Murder,” yarns singer/guitarist Morgan Yeah? (question mark added by deed poll?) through a melon slice grin as he surveys the crowd – a rabble so generically trendy even the girls sport ‘ironic’ moustaches. “A friend rang and said no-one here would dance. I said, ‘They’ll dance to this…’” And, with that, Morgan’s mob crank up Devo’s ‘Whip It’. Prison heartbeat drums pump, James Yeah?’s bass swirls an electrical storm and, yes, the trendies begin bopping like Uzis are being fired at their ankle-high Nikes.

In fact, they’d probably won over the toughest crowd in the UK long before the aforementioned ditty. The proof? Twenty minutes earlier, James hurls himself on to an audience platform for opener ‘Weird Science’ (think Daft Punk if they’d been given 30-foot guitars for their birthdays instead of silly robot helmets) and, within 40 seconds a girl, intoxicated by the bleep-rollock, begins grasping his right buttock. She doesn’t let go until he heads back onstage for Vocoder duties on ‘Doomed Now’ – the sound of James Murphy shoving live wires up The Rapture’s jacksies. It’s at this point Morgan goes gloriously mental.

After emptying a bottle of water over the front row he jives into the mob, returning just in time to lead ‘Let’s Make Out’, ‘Whip It’ and a closing ‘We Are Rockstars’. Cheers and whoops ping off the walls as keyboardist Danitoffendyou? launches his instrument into the air. It crunches to the ground like an aborted space-flight then the foursome file off to the bar, leaving a pile of crackling equipment. But it’s not just their instruments that lie destroyed – tonight 333 was impaled.

Jamie Fullerton