Drenge, The Dome, London

Drenge, The Dome, London


The Dome, London, February 12

Nearly a month after introducing their second album with a stomping performance of comeback single ‘We Can Do What We Want’ on the Late Show With David Letterman last month, Drenge bring their new tunes to London. This NME Awards Show with Austin, Texas sees the Loveless brothers in an environment that suits them better than a TV studio: a beer-sploshed sweatbox.

After raucous appearances at Reading and Leeds Festivals last year, Eoin and Rory Loveless went into thestudio to record ‘Undertow’ (out April 6). Tonight four songs get an airing. ‘Never Awake’ is Queens Of The Stone Age after a night out at Sheffield indie dive The Leadmill, swapping the desert for a midnight drive in the Peak District. ‘The Snake’ is sultry, comeback single ‘We Can Do What We Want’ dabbles in major chord Buzzcocks punk and ‘Running Wild’ is all Sabbath riffage with extra meat courtesy of new bass player Rob Graham

Graham is the Loveless brothers’ childhood mate and former member of fellow noisy Sheffield act Wet Nuns. He blends in perfectly. He even looks a bit like the brothers, all floppy hair and accidentally iconic rock poses. Their thrashing and headbanging are made to look all the more impressive by the huge lightshow that flashes behind them. Like the new songs, it’s immensely powerful and suited to venues far bigger than this one. Drenge have subtly become a trio, and tonight marks a brilliantly beefed up return.