Live Review: FrankMusik

Live Review: FrankMusik

We’re Lost In Musik. Various Venues, Newcastle, Tuesday, March 24

NME is headed north in search of Vince Frank, aiming to intersect him on an interactive journey at the mercy of human kindness. Dropped in a field with only £20 and a BlackBerry, he’s hitching from Inverness to London to play 10 days of impromptu gigs arranged by fans via MySpace, all to be part of a reality TV show, Live And Lost.

We catch him on day four of 12 in Newcastle, having been rescued from the Borders by a roofer who hadn’t heard of MySpace, but did “use a computer four years ago to look at porn”. In a bagel shop, Vince’s petite frame is barricaded behind a massive keyboard, where the electro beats of ‘3 Little Words’ are stripped down, showing off his strong voice without computerised distractions. The next show, at the Centre For Life science museum, finds an ambient ‘Better Off As Two’, with pumping bass replaced by jazz keys, before the bare essentials of ‘Confusion Girl’ ring out with an enthralling falsetto.

Later, at two house parties filled with young super-fans in trendy city flats, it could almost be Skins. Except all the male fans appear to be called Dave so it’s more like a surreal, musical The League Of Gentlemen. No-one can believe it’s working but it is, and all for the love of live music. Strangers are insisting we come into their homes while Frankmusik spins Talking Heads on the borrowed decks. It seems it’s hard to be properly lost, in music.

Kelly Murray