Golden Silvers

Golden Silvers

In their element. The Macbeth, London (July 18)

While taking a trot down the catwalk is hardly a top priority for NME, we’ve always been led to believe that when it comes to accessorising, the mixing of metals is a definite no no. So who knows what the founding fathers of fashion would make of the kids covered head-to-toe in gold and silver at Bronze Club – see what they did there? – tonight for the launch of this lot’s debut single. Lead singer Gwilym Gold survey s the spangly scene with a smile.

“There’s a girl in here with a Golden Silvers cape and a guy we know who’s wearing a jacket with our name embroidered on the back in sequins,” he gushes at the start of the night. “People have made stuff to do with our band before but never on this scale. We’re having a wicked time.” And it’s not just the frontman who’s feeling giddy – pretty soon, groups of elaborately dressed fans are strutting through the door in eye-watering combinations of gold lamé leggings, glittery vests, specs and oversized medallions. In fact, anticipation at seeing the headliners is so rife even the surreal spoken word and ramshackle folk of Derek Meins and Naked And The Boys’ flatly delivered indie by numbers can’t put a dampener on proceedings.

When Golden Silvers finally take to the stage, they don’t disappoint, unleashing a compelling and pogo-inducing set of disco and psych-rock-tinged scatter pop, particularly the groove-ridden floor-stomper of ‘Shakes’ to ‘Lily The Lover’’s frantic rhythms, skew-whiff keyboards and sweetly sung melodies. However, it’s Prince cover ‘It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night’ – complete with horn section which segues into anthemic first offering ‘Arrows Of Eros’ – that really sends people wild. As they clamber on to tables screaming every word, Gold looks utterly in his element, punching the air for the euphoric finale.

Camilla Pia