Goldie Lookin Chain: Astoria, London, Wednesday, February 15

Goldie Lookin Chain: Astoria, London, Wednesday, February 15

Who better to review GLC than Maggot’s Celeb Big Brother housemate Rula Lenska?

Q: What happens when you can’t find a date of your own age to take to the GLC ShockWaves NME Award show?

A: Invite Rula Lenska! She knows it!

“Maggot’s always loved Rula Lenska,” Goldie Lookin Chain’s Eggsy explains backstage at tonight’s NME Awards Show gig. “Since he’s a kid, he’s been going, ‘She’s a Polish princess.’ He’s always found her highly sexual.” This year’s Celebrity Big Brother spawned an odd friendship between the Polish countess and GLC’s very own animal-print style-guru, but somehow it worked. NME decided the only thing that would be more amusing than asking Countess Roza-Marie Leopoldnya Lubienska to review GLC’s show tonight would be if we could ply Rula with enough booze to persuade her to join the band onstage for their encore. Rula’s one step ahead. Before we can say “penis”, she’s onstage, one arm around Maggot, the other punching the air, dancing around like a mad auntie.

Hi, Rula! You’ve taken notes to help with your NME review. Very professional!

“Yes! But the pen didn’t work and the paper got all wet. I can’t read it now.”

What did you think of all that, then?

“It’s been the best rejuvenation evening I’ve had for a long time. What I love is their raw energy. They play to the audience rather than at them. You can feel the electricity between them. And they’re so unpretentious. Although there are eight people onstage, it’s organised chaos.”

You joined your pal Maggot onstage for ‘Your Mother’s Got A Penis’. Did you know what you were singing, exactly?

“My mother’s got a penis? Of course I knew. I’ve done The Vagina Monologues (swanky feminist play – Culture Ed), so nothing is exceptional. It was a split-second decision to show my appreciation.”

Was it weird seeing quiet Maggot from the BB house transformed into his rock’n’roll showmanship persona?

“It was amazing to see his physicality because we didn’t see much of that in the house. To see him loosen up was great.”

Did Maggot offer you one of his “funny” cigarettes?

“I don’t do any of that when I’m working!”

Did you offer to lend Maggot your Pants Of Power for tonight?

“I haven’t got them any more!”

So do GLC get your royal seal of approval?

“Of course! Ten out of 10, no doubt about it.”

Are you Safe As Fuck now?

“Am I what? [NME explains]. Yes! I am Polish you know.”

Rich Pelley