Los Campesinos!; Spitz, London, Monday, March 5

Los Campesinos!; Spitz, London, Monday, March 5

This Welsh seven-piece should just be called Modesty

If there’s one thing about Los Campesinos!, it’s that they’re totally, utterly, unapologetically modest. So thankful and overwhelmed are they that it’s almost sickening. We’re tempted to climb onstage and shake the good vibes out of singer Gareth’s cheerful body, and scream, “Stop thanking us for turning up”, until he turns into a raging metal mofo.

Of course, we don’t. And he doesn’t. Instead he meekly invites support band Sky “the nicest band to tour with ever” Larkin for a huge rendition of ‘You! Me! Dancing!’. It would be too much camaraderie, too much niceness, if it wasn’t for the fact that the resultant noise sounds immense. As does a flawless version of debut single ‘We Throw Parties, You Through Knives’ and the chaotic ‘Death To Los Campesinos!’.

Their Belle & Sebastian-gone-punk ditties possess a melodic clatter, borne from the enthusiasm of a band on their debut tour – an infectious glee that sets pulses racing and hearts fluttering. For now, we’ll let them off being so cheerful.

Rob Webb