London Camden Falcon

London Camden Falcon

Heavenly ill-mannered hip hop...

Times are certainly changing at Heavenly Records. That, or the stable of all things snotty-nosed and attitude-laden has an imposter in its ranks.

Nervously prodding his keyboard with the agonised concentration of a brain surgeon, Schizoid-Man Phil Homburg looks every inch the antithesis of large-living Heavenly Socialism. But if you can’t see why they couldn’t resist his charms, you can at least hear why.

‘Karate Juice’ roughly shakes this evening from its slumber with high-kicking Oriental aggro and hip-hop beats someone left out in the sun too long. ‘Hammer House Of Hip-Hop’, meanwhile, could be The RZA in playfully malicious mood if it weren’t for a Cockney voice repeatedly exclaiming, “[I]Don’t worry, mate![/I]” in panicked tones.

With the ever-blurring fingers of Scratch Pervert Mr Thing on, erm, hand to provide the visual excitement, the Mass massive are easily tempted from bar to floor. It’s only when Phil ducks out of action, right before close of play, that the whole ill-mannered racket loses its momentum. Yet still the beats wallop away like wooden planks square across the chops, nasty enough to be big beat but always too unexpected and restless to invite the tag.

A Heavenly noise, certainly, if a resolutely anti-Social one.