Crescent : Liverpool University

Crescent : Liverpool University

It's an inconclusive performance

An oiky Scouse quartet thus far most famous for being protegees of lost La Lee Mavers, The Crescent are far easier to digest musically than anything else currently emerging from Liverpool’s burgeoning underground. Whereas other new bands from the city are happy to reference gonzo rocker Captain Beefheart, The Beach Boys and Bob Marley (often all within the space of one song), The Crescent’s influences are far more restrained: they opt instead to ape the insidious lyricism of Travis and – most strikingly – the melody and sound of The La’s.

On record, it’s defiantly memorable. On stage, The Crescent have yet to invest the same power in their performances. With the exception of bassist Sean Longworth (whose swagger and presence could out-cocky even Liam Gallagher) the band are reluctant to truly shine. As a result, the craftsmanship that goes into songs like ‘Something Else’, ‘Spinning Wheels’ and ‘Not Good Enough’ (their finest moment) is lost.

It’s an inconclusive performance and a long way from proving The Crescent to be the new Oasis, the new La’s or even the new Cast. Within a few months we’ll find out where The Crescent are really at – and whether it’s worth sticking around for the ride.

Imran Ahmed