Capdown : Leicester The Charlotte

Capdown : Leicester The Charlotte

... Unsatisfying experience with Milton Keynes' finest...

It must be really annoying when the support band ask to borrow your gear and then proceed to blow you away. Combining a commendable knowledge of ’80s hardcore titans Black Flag with an ability to recreate At The Drive-In‘s vocal piercings, cherubic London four-piece Twofold are definitely ones to watch. But for now, they just seem happy enough to take the peanuts offered to them by the disinterested members of the front row. Good effort.

The burghers of their hometown of Milton Keynes might be proud of them, but out in the real world Capdown do little to extend the attention span. Genial blighters they may be, but tracks like the instantly dull ‘Mr Music’ only serve to undermine their onstage enthusiasm. Plus, if you are going to play a sax solo, then at least have the decency to keep it a secret until the last possible moment.

Capdown obviously pride themselves on being able to combine random elements of reggae, hardcore, punk and ska in a short musical space. They’re misguided, though. Being eclectic will never be an excuse for sounding so infuriatingly bog-standard – Milton Keynes or not.

Hardeep Phull