Yeti : Highgate Boogaloo Bar, London, Monday, August 30

Libertines bassist still marching on…

So [a]Libertines[/a] are in total disarray? No-one seems to have told bassist John Hassall. At 8.30 sharp, a clumsy tumble of cheekbones and moptop haircuts walk into London’s coolest boozer. Rock boys fake insouciance; chic femmes opt for one more drink. At 9 they plug in and play. What a sound: tough but tender, overflowing with off-beats and harmonies, Yeti create an R&B racket mined from the same seam as The La’s. It’s almost pre-rock; the sort of brutal sound The Beatles must have made at The Cavern, instilled with a zero aggro-factor and quirky self-belief. The Libs’ self-mythologising gland is absent, too. Instead John sings epic jangle ‘Love Is Like A Merry Go Round and it sounds like it, giddy, breathless, and by the time he follows it up with ‘Up & Down’ the whole place is frugging madly and wondering if they’ve just stumbled on something big. Looks like the Libs just spawned a monster.

Paul Moody