David Cross : Soho Theatre, London, Tuesday, August 31

40-something Cross takes rock'n'roll by the scruff of the neck…

About ten years ago, in a moment of madness, NME put David Baddiel on the cover in the mistaken belief that comedy was the new rock’n’roll. Now, at a time when rock’n’roll is definitely the new rock’n’roll, along comes balding 40-something David Cross (hailed as the successor to Bill Hicks, mates with The Strokes) to put our theory to shame. Like Hicks, his control of the mic is superb; from a whisper of facts to the scream of a punchline, the quiet/loud technique is as potent here as when you first heard ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. While on a rant about people with kids he tells an abortion joke so shocking it’s nicknamed ‘The Divider’. It’s hilarious, by the way.

He’s as merciless with George Bush as he is with our petty feelings, carpet-bombing the world’s most powerful leader with the truth and desperately sad impersonations of soldiers serving in Iraq. Nothing is more rock’n’roll than David Cross right now.

Anthony Thornton