Oxford Collapse : 93 Feet East, London, Thursday, August 27

Heads up. Beer and mics will be flying…

Oxford Collapse, eh? It sounds like a dance craze for smacked-out poshos but it’s actually a Brooklyn three-piece so hip they’ve toured with Franz, scored a DFA-tastic dancefloor hit and even joined London’s guerrilla gigging craze. Last night at Death Disco they punk-funked so ferociously that the drums inched painfully into frontman Michael Pace’s knees. Tonight, the kit’s been nailed down and there’s even a dodgy-spillage roadie on hand. Luxury. Shame then, that within 30 seconds of cowpunk yelpfest ‘Totally Gay, Totally Fat’, London’s gigeratti head for the exits. They don’t know what they’re missing. Pace tickles everything with dextrous Bloc Party guitars while ‘1991 Kids’ is all grinding gear changes (executed mainly on one leg) Then, just as you’re thinking the most interesting thing about bassist Adam Rizer is his marvellous ski-slope nose, he sends a pair of mics flying and boots a beer directly at NME (and where’s that roadie now?). “Oh, Adam, these nice people lent us all their equipment!” mock-chides Pace, surveying the emptying room. Shouldn’t worry: come Spring Break they’ll all be doing the Oxford Collapse.

Martin Horsfield