Comets On Fire : London Royal Festival Hall


The plush Royal Festival Hall seats exactly 2,895 people, but it’s still not big enough for Comets On Fire. Tonight, supporting Stonehenge-fixated goon Julian Cope (although sadly not allowed to use his customised Jungle Jim-style climbing frame/microphone stand), the hairy Santa Cruz space-grunge quintet unite feedback, screaming and one member employed solely to play an Echoplex (an effects box producing an electronic whooshing that’ll be instantly familiar to anyone who’s ever seen a ’70s sci-fi film) to produce a noise that’s halfway between The Stooges and the sound of a space shuttle taking off. By the time that free-jazz tinged, ten-minute set-closer ‘The Black Poodle’ has finally extinguished itself, you can be forgiven for being surprised that the Royal Festival Hall still has a roof. Comets On Fire are immense.

Pat Long