Dance To The Radio : Leeds Woodhouse Liberal Club

Dance To The Radio : Leeds Woodhouse Liberal Club

It’s not just Kaiser Chiefs in Leeds. Welcome to the revolution in the UK’s most happening music city...

Leeds’ newest label, Dance To The Radio, launch themselves

in the kitschiest of working men’s clubs. The scenesters are all here, along

with aspiring musicians, Pigs-goers and six of the city’s best bands.

So far, so special.

Unfortunately, The Old House’s desperate attempt to become The

Libertines means that the night starts with a meagre fizz.

It’s This Et Al’s vocal acrobatics and intense noise that really

get things going. They’re half a metal band (lots of buzzing guitars) and

half an indie band (good tunes), the best of both worlds.

The Lodger, meanwhile, seem designed to play venues like this.

Their songs are short, gloriously poppy numbers, so British that they

should come with a cup of tea and excessive politeness thrown in.

iLiKETRAiNS are almost in direct contrast. While singer
Dave delivers his baritone murder ballads, the instruments cascade,

explode and create a genuinely uncomfortable atmosphere with their epic


¡Forward, Russia! are also happy to indulge in the world of

post-rock, but the wannabe Slavics do something different with it.

They create a visceral racket. The guitars stop, start and screech, while

singer Tom dives around the stage and wraps the mic around his head.

This is some of the most fucked-up pop you’re ever likely to hear. If you’re

going to pillage the vaults of rock history, pillage from the best.

Duels certainly do that. Hints of ‘Revolver’-era
Beatles, Kinks and Blur are held together with plenty

of Bowie. The irresistible melodies and sweet harmonies run and skip

around the venue, and you remember why you love pop music so much.

Leeds: there’s plenty more talent where the Kaisers come


Tom Goodhand