Palma Violets


Coronet London, December 5

Palma Violets have come a long way since they stumbled out of their south London lair to release debut album ‘180’ in February this year. Tonight’s venue – the biggest they’ve ever played – is rammed, and the 2,500 people inside are watching the next phase for Sam Fryer, Chilli Jesson, Pete Mayhew and Will Doyle. It takes the form of three new tracks. The first is ‘Gout Gang Go’, and is as raucous as The Libertines covering ‘White Riot’. The second, ‘Green Fuzz’, revolves around mighty drumming from Doyle. And third newie ‘Scandal’ takes a blueprint laid out by Babyshambles’ ‘The Blinding’ and transforms it into a cacophonous epic. Onstage they’re still a thrilling and visceral rock’n’roll band, but they sound (whisper it) professional. Album two is coming soon, and on tonight’s evidence it’ll be immense. 9

Lisa Wright