James Murphy/Pat Mahoney/Hot Chip/The 2 Bears/Juan Maclean

James Murphy/Pat Mahoney/Hot Chip/The 2 Bears/Juan Maclean

Corsica Studios, London, September 1

There are worse ways to celebrate your 10th birthday than by inviting the most influential man in the last decade of dance music to bring the hits. And not just James Murphy, but his whole DFA crew. That’s what the geniuses at Corsica Studios did. We noticed five things as we battled with the thick disco beat reverberating about the place…

1) Everyone’s here for James Murphy

There’s a gaggle watching Hot Chip versus The 2 Bears, but people are clinging to the walls to see a bearded Murphy blast his stuff out. There are common sights – overactive jaw muscles, baggy T-shirts, sweat – but none more than people using Shazam to work out what he’s playing. At one point some guy loses it when he realises ‘What Is Love?’ by Deee-Lite is on, and celebrates by gyrating wildly on the raised bit of the dancefloor.

2) He didn’t shut up and play the hits

When you’re watching James Murphy and his fellow LCD Soundsystem member Pat Mahoney DJ, it’s useful to have a deep knowledge of house and disco. You won’t get any tunes from their old band. Can, yeah. Talking Heads, yeah. A nod to 2012 via ‘Ragysh’ by Todd Terje, sure. Even a homage to Neil Young with Poolside’s ‘Harvest Moon’, and a John Talabot remix of ‘Oddity’ by Zwicker. Pretty sure we get a hint of Azari & III, but we can neither confirm nor deny.

3) DJ battles aren’t like real battles

You see a flyer saying “Hot Chip Vs The 2 Bears” and you think “PUNCH-UPS!” Turns out it’s a fancy way of saying “Hot Chip and The 2 Bears take it in turns to put records on”.

4) Owen from Hot Chip likes a dance

In room two, Alexis Taylor, Al Doyle, Felix Martin and Owen Clarke (all Hot Chip), Joe Goddard (Hot Chip and The 2 Bears) and Raf Rundell (The 2 Bears) share the decks for SIX HOURS. The best bit is Clarke hopping down to dance in the crowd. The worst bit is when Doyle wanders through the room to check the sound because one of the speakers isn’t working.

5) Fleetwood Mac rule, OK?

Haim rock Stevie Nicks vibes. People think the Mac will headline Glasto 2013. The Killers’ new album: puuuure Fleetwood. Tonight, guitarist-turned-DJ Juan MacLean brings a Fleetwood Mac remix. Of what, we’re not exactly sure, because it’s quarter to six in the morning.

Tom Howard