Cherry Glazerr – The Garage, London, Thursday July 23

Cherry Glazerr - The Garage, London, Thursday July 23


American newcomers dazzle on their first trip to the UK

“The main difference I’m noticing between here and America is that there everyone’s got their fucking phones out the whole time, whereas here you guys actually watch what’s happening,” grins 18-year-old Cherry Glazerr singer Clementine Creevy, before roaring into new track ‘Insta’ – a pissed-off rant about screen-centric, social media-obsessed culture.

Anyone that’s struggled to see past someone filming an entire gig on their iPad recently, however, will know that it’s not Britain that’s playing the trump card here, but Cherry Glazerr. On UK shores for the first time ever, the Los Angeles trio (completed by drummer Hannah Uribe and bassist Sean Redman) sold out tonight’s show and another London date at Camden’s Barfly well ahead of landing, and the crowd of young devotees crammed at the front mosh and shout throughout like they’ve been waiting for this day their whole lives.

Part insouciant cool and part howling she-devil, Creevy guides the band through the hypnotic bass grooves of opener and breakthrough single ‘Had Ten Dollaz’, teeth-bared as she roars through the chorus. Whereas on record, the likes of ‘Sweaty Faces’ and ‘Trick Or Treat’ (both taken from 2014 album ‘Haxel Princess’) are delivered with faux-sweetness, here Creevy lets rip, climbing atop the monitor as the teenaged crowd throw themselves about beneath her.

The new material is heavier still. ‘Moondust’ rolls by on ominous basslines before exploding in a garage rock frenzy, while current single ‘Sip O’ Poison’ closes the evening with Creevy downing her guitar to scream for 90 brutal seconds that unfold like an exorcism. Leave your phone at home: Cherry Glazerr are far better experienced up close and personal.