Supermensch – Film Review

Supermensch - Film Review


Legendary showbiz manager Shep Gordon is the star of this eye-opening documentary

Mike Myers directs this heart-warming documentary on the legacy of Shep Gordon, showbiz manager to a “maelstrom of maniacs” including Alice Cooper, Teddy Pendergrass and even Pink Floyd (for a whirlwind nine days). Through fast-cut montages, archive footage and comic re-enactments, the film re-lives his fast’n’loose past, from selling drugs to Jimi Hendrix in the late ’60s to his present life as a lonely retiree on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Gordon’s metamorphosis from a “professional bachelor” who once married a Playboy bunny to a charitable Buddhist still searching for a soulmate feels like a tacked-on narrative, but his rock’n’roll lifestyle makes for an eye-opening ride.

James Bentley