Magic in the Moonlight – Film Review


Woody Allen's 46th film remains with you after the credits have rolled

At first, Woody Allen’s 46th film as director comes off like an Agatha Christie-style mystery. But it gradually and eccentrically morphs from upper-crust intrigue among its art-deco French Riviera setting into a vaguely preposterous love story. Stanley, a conjurer played by Colin Firth, is introduced to a spiritualist named Sophie (Emma Stone) and tries valiantly to debunk her supernatural powers. The detective mystery – and the competitive bickering between Stanley and his old school friend Howard (Rev’s Simon McBurney) – eventually fades uncovering Stanley’s journey and a story of love and honesty which remains with you long after the credits have rolled.


Director: Woody Allen
Release date: 19 Sep, 2014