Night Will Fall – Film Review


A chilling and important documentary about the horrors of the Nazi death camps in WWII

Towards the end of World War II, producer Sidney Bernstein decided to make a documentary exposing the horrors of the Nazi death camps. He assembled some of the day’s leading cinematic talents, including Alfred Hitchcock, to create a historical document that would serve as a warning to mankind. The film was later shelved for political reasons, but André Singer’s new documentary does a fine job of restoring it. Its indelible images of industrialised slaughter, later used to prosecute Nazis, remain deeply upsetting. What’s also remarkable is the insight, foregrounded by Hitchcock, into the madness of a population, with one scene narrating how German civilians, instructed by Allied forces to visit the death camps, “came cheerfully like sightseers to a chamber of horrors”. Night Will Fall is a chilling and important film.


Director: Andre Singer
Release date: 26 Sep, 2014