Still The Enemy Within – Film Review

Still The Enemy Within - Film Review


Inspiring documentary about the 1984 miner's strike

It’s 30 years since the miner’s strike began and although that’s as good a reason as any to make a documentary about what happened – told from the point of view of the strikers – Still the Enemy Within is also a film with modern currency. At its heart it concerns solidarity, identity and mass organisation against the state: ideas familiar amid today’s disillusionment with modern British politics. Director Owen Gower was only one year old when the strike started and his film attempts to tackle what happened objectively and without nostalgia. He’s partially successful. The technological revolution makes Britain’s industrial past seem more distant than it really is, but this is a film you watch for the people involved. Their stories are inspiring.

Phil Hebblethwaite


Director: Owen Gower
Release date: 04 Oct, 2014