Withnail and I – Film Review

Withnail and I - Film Review


A brilliantly funny, enduring classic with an unforgettable performance from Richard E Grant

Bruce Robinson’s tale of two struggling thesps who go on holiday by mistake is one of the greatest films ever made. This lovingly restored film is re-released in cinemas while a highly limited and personalised box set reissue (fans can have their name printed on the case) recognises its importance. With a sparkling script and unforgettable performance by Richard E Grant as boozy ne’er-do-well Withnail, it’s a rite-of-passage movie whose enduring cult still prompts pilgrimages to Lake District cottages. But it’s so much more than a quote-along classic and Wildean textbook in shambling elegance (“I feel like a pig shat in my head”). It’s a lament for the unfulfilled promise of the 1960s – and of Withnail himself, whose mask of misanthropy slips at the end to reveal a tragic figure.


Release date: 03 Oct, 2014