It Follows – Film Review

It Follows - Film Review


A fresh and scary low-budget horror film about what is surely the world's worst STD

It Follows is a low-budget horror film about what is surely the world’s worst STD. After suburban teenager Jay (The Guest‘s Maika Monroe) consummates her relationship with Hugh (Jake Weary from TV’s Pretty Little Liars), he informs her he has passed “it” on. Soon, Jay is plagued by visions of a strange figure walking towards her that only she can see: wherever she runs, “it” follows, and the only way to rid herself of the vision is to give it to someone else through a sexual encounter. Writer-director David Robert Mitchell (The Myth Of The American Sleepover) isn’t the first to combine frights with burgeoning teen sexuality, but because his smart script cranks up the tension and without gratuitous gore, this film feels fresh and scary.