Hinterland – Film Review

Hinterland - Film Review


This intimate British drama can't replicate the raw human emotion it seeks to

This directorial debut from young British actor-director Harry McQueen tells an intimate story of two 20-something friends. Harvey (McQueen) and Lola (Bristol singer-songwriter Lori Campbell in her first acting role) haven’t seen each other for years. When Lola returns home after her parents separate, Harvey drives her to the seaside cottage their families used to holiday in. Set up as a story of escape and emancipation, their reunion is meant to be touching and exciting. But when Lola turns to Harvey in his parents’ old car and says, “I’m so glad to see you”, the moment feels wooden, passionless and forced. Things threaten to heat up when marriage is discussed but, ultimately, Hinterland can’t replicate the raw human emotion it seeks to.