Dreamcatcher – Film Review

Dreamcatcher - Film Review


A powerful documentary about a charity that helps the homeless women of Chicago

Dreamcatcher opens with shots of the glistening skyscrapers of central Chicago, but the film explores a harrowing aspect of the city’s underbelly. Directed by British documentary maker Kim Longinotto, it follows Brenda Myers-Powell, a former prostitute, drug addict and abuse victim. She runs the Dreamcatcher Foundation for women who are on the streets, in prison or at risk of harm. Driving around Chicago in her van with fellow reformed addict Stephanie Daniels-Wilson, eccentric character Brenda helps people like Temeka, a homeless 15-year-old prostitute. The film is full of powerful, unflinching shots, and in the end we forget Longinotto is observing at all, such is the emotional clarity of her subjects’ stories.