The Voices – Film Review

The Voices - Film Review


Ryan Reynolds leads an ambitious black comedy that's too uneven to become a cult classic

This ambitious black comedy is the first English-language film from Marjane Satrapi, the French-Iranian director of 2007’s Oscar-nominated animation Persepolis. Ryan Reynolds stars as Jerry, a factory worker with an unspecified mental illness who stops taking his medication and hallucinates that his cat is telling him to kill people as his dog urges him to resist. Reynolds, who also voices both pets, is surprisingly convincing in a more nuanced role than his usual rom-coms and superhero flicks. But because Satrapi struggles to make gory moments gel with the visual comedy – often from Gemma Arterton (Quantum Of Solace) as Jerry’s British co-worker – The Voices is too uneven to become the cult classic it sounds like.