Blind – Film Review

Blind - Film Review


A riveting portrayal of human nature from first-time director Eskil Vogt

The directorial debut from Eskil Vogt unsettles from the outset: in the opening sequence, even the simple process of making tea is imbued with trauma and suspense. Ambient sounds throb intrusively as the vulnerable and pale Ingrid (Ellen Dorrit Petersen) feels tremblingly for the kettle in her Oslo apartment. Ingrid lost her sight to a genetic condition, and Blind is driven by her internal monologue, told via a story she types on her laptop. Choppy, confusing scenes show sexual fantasy, paranoia and lies intertwining in a love quadrangle involving Ingrid’s husband, a porn-loving local man and a female neighbour. However, Blind‘s appeal lies mainly in its sensitive portrayal of the way Ingrid deals with her blindness. It’s a riveting portrayal of human nature.