Hackney’s Finest – Film Review

Hackney's Finest - Film Review


Taking its cues from Guy Ritchie at his most extreme, this portrayal of east London's underbelly is ridiculous

Taking its cues from the extreme corners of Guy Ritchie’s back catalogue, Hackney’s Finest combines bloody violence, explicit drug use and knowingly stupid comedy. The debut feature from director Chris Bouchard begins with heroin-smoking protagonist Sirus introducing himself. A courier controller by day, he deals drugs on the side, to the ire of detective Priestly (The Bill‘s Arin Alldridge). As Priestly plots to kill Sirus – who enlists the help of two doped-up Welsh-Jamaican gangsters (one of whom is played by Skyfall‘s Enoch Frost, whose accent beggars belief) – the film spirals into a bloodbath. Scriptwriter Thorin Seex once squatted in Hackney, but his portrayal of east London’s underbelly is ridiculous, and by the time heroin is being poured into open wounds, the effect is sickening.