Rigor Mortis – Film Review

Rigor Mortis - Film Review


Don't expect to see a Hollywood remake of this confusing Hong Kong horror flick

You don’t have to have seen 1985’s Mr Vampire or its myriad sequels and spin-offs to enjoy Rigor Mortis – a very meta tribute to those films featuring one of its stars, Chin Siu-ho, playing himself – but presumably it helps. For the rest of us, it’s a confusing plod through a plot filled with knowing references and a mixed bag of nasties. Ghosts, reanimated corpses, vampires – all fair game here. In a trope familiar to Hong Kong horror but jarringly odd to the uninitiated, the undead are duly dispatched by the neighbourhood vampire hunter in high-tech kung-fu sequences, with all the hovering in mid-air and Manga-like camera angles that entails. Don’t expect to see a Hollywood remake of this one.