Let Us Prey – Film Review

Let Us Prey - Film Review


Ludicrous UK horror film with a twist you see coming from the very first shot

Horror Flick Rule No 708: every single person in any given remote village is a secret psychopath. Certainly Inveree, Scotland – the location of director Brian O’Malley’s first feature – is riddled with them. Into a local slammer crawling with torturers, mass murderers and hit-and-runners wander one rookie cop (Filth‘s Pollyanna McIntosh) on her first day and one surly, enigmatic inmate (Liam Cunningham who plays Davos Seaworth in Game Of Thrones) who can mysteriously see into everyone’s dark, demented past and, even when behind bars, remotely send his fellow prisoners into psychotic frenzies. Cue a gory night on the cellblock that may be artfully shot but undoubtedly stands amongst the most ludicrous UK horror films since Shaun Of The Dead, with a ‘twist’ you see coming from the very first shot.