The Goob – Film Review

The Goob - Film Review


This debut feature from writer-director Guy Myhill is bleakly beautiful, but has an inexplicable hole at its heart

Writer-director Guy Myhill’s first feature is a tale from similar margins as Clio Barnard’s The Selfish Giant or Ken Loach’s Kes. Goob – played with ease by newcomer Liam Walpole – is a school-leaver who works at his mum’s rundown transport cafe and pumpkin farm. This hardscrabble patch has somehow become the fiefdom of stock-car driver and irredeemable bully Gene (an excellent, if one-note, turn by Sean Harris, channelling the malevolence of his 2006 TV portrayal of Moors murderer Ian Brady), who scowls, smoulders, simmers and makes everyone’s life miserable. The bleakly beautiful Norfolk backdrops subvert cliché, but the characters’ obeisance to tinpot tyrant Gene leaves an inexplicable hole at the heart of the film.