San Andreas – Film Review

San Andreas - Film Review


Expensive disaster flick starring Dwayne Johnson is sunk by repetitive visuals and a cheesy, uneven script

In this expensive disaster flick from director Brad Peyton (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island), California is hit by two massive earthquakes measuring 9.1 and 9.6 on the Richter Scale, followed by a tsunami. Seismologists have already exposed the film’s implausibility, noting that it’s virtually impossible for the real-life San Andreas fault to create tremors of this magnitude, but you won’t need expert knowledge to spot its other flaws. Peyton’s panoramas of crumbling CGI skyscrapers are spectacular but repetitive, and the script by Carlton Cuse (Lost) is uneven and cheesy. When rescue helicopter pilot Ray (Dwayne Johnson, who used to wrestle professionally as The Rock) and his estranged wife (Sin City‘s Carla Gugino) parachute into a baseball stadium, he delivers the groan-inducing line, “It’s been a while since I got you to second base.”