Hot Pursuit – Film Review

Hot Pursuit - Film Review


This comedy starring Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara is a frustrating missed opportunity

Pairing Reese Witherspoon with Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara for an odd couple road-trip movie should make for comedy gold, or at least a reasonably entertaining romp in the style of 2013’s Sandra Bullock-Melissa McCarthy vehicle The Heat. Sadly, this film from The Proposal director Anne Fletcher squanders Witherspoon’s natural charm by casting her as a prissy, uptight police officer assigned to drive Vergara’s princess-like widow of a drug dealer to a trial where she’ll give evidence against the cartel’s dangerous leader. Hot Pursuit has a handful of amusing moments, including the sight of Witherspoon in Justin Bieber-style drag, and Fletcher deserves credit for resisting the urge to deliver a series of cheesy bonding scenes. But too much of the film just isn’t funny enough, making Hot Pursuit feel like a frustrating missed opportunity.