Album Review: 6 Day Riot – ‘6 Day Riot’

Sunshine pop from London's grey corners

From the sunny harmonies, calypso beats and stupidly perky “ooh ooh ooh”s on opener ‘Run For Your Life’, you’d be forgiven for thinking this six-piece came from somewhere more exotic than Dalston. This is 30 minutes of unadulterated cheer, although Tamara Schlesinger’s lyrics are often bittersweet. ‘O Those Kids’ references the ‘missing’ canoeist John Darwin and points towards what lengths people go to for money, but her pure tone makes all seem right with the world. Each track is similarly styled with buoyant melodies and quirky lyrics; stand-out track ‘Go! Canada’ being a sun-drunk sway with breezy ukuleles and uplifting trumpets. Unashamedly poppy and irrepressibly charming.

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Tessa Harris

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