65daysofstatic – ‘Wild Light’

Don't let anyone tell you guitar music has run out of new ideas

What is post-rock if it doesn’t keep forging into the future? Sheffield’s ever-progressive 65daysofstatic have outdone themselves here, loading their fifth album of megaton guitar instrumentals with electronic styles. If ‘Blackspots’ recalls Explosions In The Sky, it could also pass for big beat, while ‘Prisms’ merges Crystal Castles’ digi-hardcore with the serene instrumental complexity of Tortoise. Then there’s ‘Safe Passage’, which resembles Mogwai’s take on Tiesto’s arena rave. Tracks such as ‘Taipei’ still smack a little of generic post-rock, but the
next time someone tells you guitar music has run out of new ideas, simply point them in the direction of ‘Wild Light’.

John Calvert