Album review: Acoustic Ladyland – ‘Living With A Tiger’

This beast's roar is a little too skronky

With members of Polar Bear among their number, Acoustic Ladyland have a fine pedigree, but ‘Living With A Tiger’ is their first record that eschews vocals in favour of just saxophone lines. The world contains very few worthwhile saxophone solos. The saxophone is a musical attempt at shark-jumping (apart from Bowie’s ‘Modern Love’ natch). Unsurprisingly, when the sax is told to sit in the corner and eat less pick’n’mix, and the rest of the band get a turn, the quality rises. ‘The Mighty Q’ is understated and ‘Worry’ edges on the right side of Bond theme tune, creeping warily, before building to a vituperative, visceral climax. Bring back the vocals, Lady, sax-ual abuse is not something one needs to suffer in silence.

Ailbhe Malone

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