Album review: Adam Green – Minor Love (Rough Trade)

Sophisticated lounge-country crooning that retains something of the scatalogical

[a]Adam Green[/a]’s flowering from puerile anti-folk twonk with [a]The Moldy Peaches[/a] to suave lounge-country crooner is laudable. This sixth solo outing widens his cultural rehabilitation, carving splinters of [a]Lambchop[/a] (‘[b]Cigarette Burns Forever[/b]’), Magnetic Fields (‘[b]Castles And Tassels[/b]’), Nilsson (‘[b]Give Them A Token[/b]’), [a]The Velvet Underground[/a] (‘[b]What Makes Him Act So Bad[/b]’), [a]The Strokes[/a] (‘[b]Goblin[/b]’) and [a]Scott Walker[/a] (‘[b]Boss Inside[/b]’) from a sawdusty bar-stool. An absence of hookers, drugs and wanking – coupled with Wurlitzer, desert echo and Mexican arpeggio – suggest a ripening, but hang on: with lyrics like “You are the flatulent one/And I am the boy who has a gun”, it seems maturing doesn’t involve growing up.

[b]Mark Beaumont[/b]

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