Addison Groove – ‘Transistor Rhythm’

Delirious party music

Had the Ramones made dance music, they would surely have made something like ‘footwork’, the frantic Chicago micro-genre that is all about bounce, bass, brevity and very bad language. London scene disciple Antony Williams takes this brooding, jittery raw material and gives it a relatively slick bass gloss as Addison Groove: polishing the production, stretching tracks beyond three minutes and reinterpreting ‘juke’ in the dark sonic dialect of UK hardcore (Williams also makes dubstep as Headhunter). The result is delirious party music, which, although at times deliciously dumb, is never – as cerebral Addison Groove fan Aphex Twin would attest – stupid.

[i]Tony Naylor [/i]



  • Director: Anthony Williams
  • Record label: 50 Weapons
  • Release date: 02 Apr, 2012