Album Review: Africa Hitech, ’93 Million Miles EP’

Few sounds of Africa, but the moral intention is there.

For too long, Westerners have lazily taken [a]‘African music’[/a] to mean the itchy polyrhythms of Afrobeat and highlife, and, before that, songs about sleeping lions punctuated by the sound of roaring lions with lyrics about having courage levels like a lion. Not Africa Hitech pair Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek.

They’ve seen the pyramids aflame with the righteous fires of democracy, and the mobile phone-shaped coffins Ghanaians bury their dead in, and decided to make an album of arid, forward-facing Chicagoan footwork. It may not have much to do with African dance music, but hey, it’s a connected world we’re living in, Disraeli, so take that dour glare off your face and join the fucking party.

Kev Kharas

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